CISCO, COMPTIA  and CISSP Training in Thailand


                     CompTIA® Storage+® Powered by SNIA®

Preparation for Exam (Exam SG0-001)


5 Days ( Course runs Monday - Friday)


5 Days of Instructor Led Training with Labs,hands on configurations of Storage Devices


1 or 2 Bed Apartment/Room,Swimming Pool,Restaurant,TV,WIFI on-site


Go sightseeing in Bangkok or spend time at the beach in Pattaya which is only 90 mins from our office



                                 Course Pricing (Training Only)

1 Student1200 usd
2 Students1100 usd each
3 Students900 usd each
4 Students800 usd each
5 Students800 usd each


                                        Course Contents

Lesson 1: Exploring Storage and Networking Fundamentals


Topic 1A: Storage Basics
Topic 1B: Describe Network Basics
Topic 1C: Identify Network Data Delivery Techniques
Lesson 2: Describing Physical Networking Hardware

Topic 2A: Describe Networking Hardware
Topic 2B: Examine HBA/NIC/PCI Technology
Lesson 3: Examining Disk Technologies

Topic 3A: Examine Disk Fundamentals
Topic 3B: Describe SATA Technology
Topic 3C: Describe SCSI/iSCSI Technologies
Topic 3D: Describe SAS Technology
Topic 3E: Describe the Fibre Channel Architecture
Topic 3F: Describe the RAID System
Lesson 4: Identifying Removable Media Technologies

Topic 4A: Describe Tape Technologies
Topic 4B: Describe Optical Disc and SSD Technologies
Lesson 5: Describing Modular Storage Arrays and Disk Enclosures

Topic 5A: Describe Modular Storage Array Technologies
Topic 5B: Describe Disk Enclosures
Lesson 6: Examining Storage Network Connectors and Cabling

Topic 6A: Describe Copper Cable Connectivity
Topic 6B: Describe Fiber Cable Connectivity
Lesson 7: Describing Storage Architectures

Topic 7A: Describe the DAS Architecture
Topic 7B: Describe the NAS Architecture
Topic 7C: Describe the SAN Architecture
Topic 7D: Describe Content Addressable Storage Technologies
Lesson 8: Describing Ethernet Network Technologies

Topic 8A: Describe Ethernet Networks
Topic 8B: Multipath over Ethernet Networks
Topic 8C: Protocols on Ethernet Networks
Lesson 9: Describing an FC SAN

Topic 9A: Describe the FC SAN Architecture
Topic 9B: Describe Zones
Topic 9C: Describe Fabric Services and Extension Technologies
Topic 9D: Describe Converged Storage Network Technologies
Topic 9E: Describe Multipathing Issues
Lesson 10: Describing Storage Management

Topic 10A: Execute Storage Provisioning
Topic 10B: Describe Volume Management
Topic 10C: Monitor Storage Networks
Topic 10D: Describe Storage De-duplication and Compression
Topic 10E: Describe Management Protocols and Interfaces
Topic 10F: Examine ILM
Lesson 11: Describing Storage Network Implementation

Topic 11A: Identify Implementation Parameters of SAS/SATA
Topic 11B: Describe Storage Networks That Use Switch Technology
Topic 11C: Describe Storage Networks That Use HBA Technology
Topic 11D: Describe Storage Layouts
Topic 11E: Examine Storage Network Implementation Environmental Concerns
Topic 11F: Examine Implementation and Maintenance Factors of Storage Equipment
Lesson 12: Introducing Storage Virtualization

Topic 12A: Describe Storage Virtualization
Topic 12B: Describe Storage Virtualization Implementation
Topic 12C: Describe the SNIA Shared Storage Model
Lesson 13: Examining Storage Network Management

Topic 13A: Describe Storage Network Management
Topic 13B: Describe SAN Management
Topic 13C: Troubleshoot Common Network Problems
Topic 13D: Troubleshoot Common FC Problems
Lesson 14: Evaluating Storage Performance

Topic 14A: Identify Storage Latency and Throughput
Topic 14B: Examine Tuning and Workload Balance
Topic 14C: Evaluate Storage Device Bandwidth
Topic 14D: Evaluate Network Device Bandwidth
Topic 14E: Evaluate Storage and Host Tools
Lesson 15: Securing Storage Networks

Topic 15A: Describe Storage Security
Topic 15B: Manage Storage Redundancy
Topic 15C: Examine Backup and Recovery Technologies
Topic 15D: Describe Business Continuity
Appendix A: Mapping Course Content to the CompTIA® Storage+® Powered by SNIA® (Exam SG0-001) Exam Objectives
Appendix B: CompTIA® Storage+® Acronyms