CISCO, COMPTIA  and CISSP Training in Thailand


                                           Comptia Server+

Preparation for Comptia Server+ Exam


5 Days ( Course runs Monday - Friday)


5 Days of Instructor Led Training with Labs,hands on..


1 or 2 Bed Apartment/Room,Swimming Pool,Restaurant,TV,WIFI on-site


Go sightseeing in Bangkok or spend time at the beach in Pattaya which is only 90 mins from our office




                               Course Pricing (Training Only)


1 Student1200 usd
2 Students1100 usd each
3 Students900 usd each
4 Students800 usd each
5 Students800 usd each


                                                Course Details


Lesson 1: Introduction to Servers

Topic 1A: Examine the Network Architecture
Topic 1B: Identify Common Server Types and Functions
Lesson 2: Exploring the Server Hardware

Topic 2A: Identify Server System Board Components
Topic 2B: Explore System Processing Core
Topic 2C: Explore Server Memory
Topic 2D: Examine Server Cooling and Power Systems
Lesson 3: Introduction to Server Software

Topic 3A: Describe Server Software
Topic 3B: NOS Management Features
Topic 3C: NOS Security Features
Topic 3D: Network Essentials for Servers
Lesson 4: Exploring the Server Storage System

Topic 4A: Examine Storage Devices Used for Servers
Topic 4B: Explore IDE and SCSI
Topic 4C: Describe RAID
Topic 4D: Explore NAS Implementations
Topic 4E: Explore SAN Implementations
Lesson 5: Installing the Server Hardware

Topic 5A: Identify the Best Practices in Server Hardware Installation
Topic 5B: Install Hardware Components on a Server
Topic 5C: Verify Server Installation
Topic 5D: Install a Server in a Network Environment
Lesson 6: Configuring Servers

Topic 6A: NOS Installation and Verification
Topic 6B: Install System Monitoring Agents and Service Tools
Topic 6C: Server Configuration Documentation
Lesson 7: Examining the Issues in Upgrading Server Components

Topic 7A: Examine an Upgrade Checklist
Topic 7B: Examine the Issues in Upgrading Server Hardware
Topic 7C: Examine the Issues in Upgrading Server Software
Lesson 8: Examining Servers in an IT Environment

Topic 8A: Industry Best Practices for Server Installation and Maintenance
Topic 8B: Server Security and Access Methods
Lesson 9: Troubleshooting Servers

Topic 9A: Examine the Troubleshooting Theory and Methodologies
Topic 9B: Troubleshoot Server Hardware Problems
Topic 9C: Troubleshoot Server Software Problems
Topic 9D: Troubleshoot Server Network Problems
Topic 9E: Troubleshoot Server Storage Device Problems
Lesson 10: Exploring Disaster Recovery Concepts and Methodologies

Topic 10A: Examine Disaster Recovery Plans
Topic 10B: Implement Disaster Recovery Methodologies
Topic 10C: Implement Replication Methods
Appendix A: Mapping Server+ Course Content to the CompTIA® Server+® Exam Objectives (2009)
Appendix B: CompTIA® Server+® Acronyms


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