CISCO, COMPTIA  and CISSP Training in Thailand


                                         Comptia A+ Bootcamp

Preparation for Comptia Exams : 220-901 (Essentials) + 220-902 (Practical)  


5 Days ( Course runs Monday - Friday)


5 Days of Instructor Led Training with Labs, much time spent hands-on Building,Configuring and Troubleshooting Computers,Hardware and Software (Windows 7)


Depending on your budget choose :

1.Hotel (1500 baht+ per night)

2.Double Room (600 baht per night)

Just 2 mins from office.


Go sightseeing in Bangkok or spend time at the beach at Pattaya which is only 90 mins in Minibus.


995 USD for Training only.

(Accommodation not included) 




                                                 Course Outline



Course Outline

This is a 5 Day course running from Monday to Friday, usually starting at 9am until 4pm.

In the mornings we cover the theory using Microsoft PowerPoint, E-Book, Whiteboard, one or two videos and Instructor to Student conversation.

In the afternoon we switch to the Configuration Room, where we apply the knowledge gained and start installing and configuring hardware and software.


We break at around 11 am for Tea/Coffee, then for Lunch around 1pm with a break in the afternoon around 3 pm.

Local Area

The Training Centre is located behind Central Rattanathibet Mall.

There are many Restaurants inside, also Fitness and Cinema.

Central Bangkok is 20 mins in a taxi and the Elevated Train System will be open shortly to take you direct to Bangkok.

You can travel to Pattaya Beach Resort from The Central Mall for just 5 USD.


Apartments and rooms for rent are everywhere and low cost (20 USD DAILY)

Hotels are nearby and approx. (40 USD DAILY)






                                               Comptia A+ Labs

During the 5 Day course you will undertake many Labs like below :


1.Install and Configure Adapter Cards,

2.Install Power Supply

3.Install UPS

4.Install Windows 7/8 Operating System

5.Install and Configure Motherboard

6.Install and Configure Hard Drives

7.Install and Configure Memory

8.Use Cmd Line to Create directories

9.Use CMD LIne to Troubleshoot

10.Install and configure CPU

11.Configure Bitlocker security

12.Configure EFS File security

13.Test Power supply with Multimeter

14.Test POST with Postcard

15.Install, Configure Wireless Card,WIFI Access Point


                             COMPTIA A+ COURSE OUTLINE



                                Subjects from Day 1





                                      Subjects  Day 2






                                    Subjects from Day 3







                                      Subjects from Day 4








                                      Subjects from Day 5